[The Fat Man Himself]

Fat Man Films

"Fat Man on a Bicycle" Tv Series

One of the more unusual Celebrity Characters to arrive at the farm gate. He cycled down the track resplendent in his red shirt, white trousers and sandals. A large fellow, he certainly enjoys his food. On leaving, he took one look up the farm track and jumped into the Range-Rover with the film crew!

Derek Cooper's Necessary Pleasures

[BBC Radio 4 Logo] [Derek Cooper] Derek Cooper visited the farm while making a Radio 4 programme, and brought with him comedienne Dillie Kean (no relative) who nobly entertained us all. He was interested in the wide range of outlets for out Bacons: from fine hotels, delicatessens, and village butchers to wayside cafes. As a result a small mobile cafe near Devizes soon had BMWs and Mercedes cars parked alongside the lorries, as word spread of their fabulous Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon Butties.