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PIGGING OUT - Tom Parker Bowles

Sandridge Farm near Calne, Wiltshire, makes bacon and ham as it should taste.
The Golden Rind Ham is rich and infused with a decent smoke, while the Honeyroast is equally toothsome, with a wonderfully pronounced tang.
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Five Star Bacon

Our Wiltshire Bacon scored top marks in The Times 'Consuming interest' Bacon tasting..."Six neatly trimmed, thick-cut rashers of brightly pink bacon with white fat and rind. Cooked to a crackly crispness, and tasted delicous." Awarded five stars.

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Christmas Gifts

Philippa Davenport advising on Christmas gifts by Mail Order noted Sandridge Farm's "range of hams and proper bacon, made as it should be.."

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Such Bacon as dreams are made on

This is not the most recent article written about Sandridge Farm, but certainly my favourite, it begins with "When did you last find a piece of decent bacon?" and continues in poetic style. "The smoked bacon had a flavour and consistency that swept me straight back to the days when, as a boy, I used to have high tea with Old Harry Brown, the gamekeeper; and my wife tackling a slice of Chipnam ham, suddenly felt that she, too, was back in childhood, tucking into a picnic on the bank of the River Wye.

[The Western Daily Press]

The Western Daily Press - Farm Profile

Sandridge Farm has been home to the Keen Family for 60 Years and its 350 acres are now given over to cereals and, most importantly pigs, which are turned into Wiltshire's most renowned product. Roger Keen brings home the bacon by rearing his herd on home grown grain,brewer's yeast and yogurt. It is hard to say if he is more proud of his pigs or his bacon, but he is certainly proud of being able to preserve the ancient tradition of Curing Bacon.