[Really thick chewy Ham, marbled with fat, has an intense deep flavour, not for the faint-hearted]

BBC Good Food

In a Summer Tasting of Hams for sale from Supermarkets and Independent producers, the Indepedents achieved top marks. Our Honey Roasted Ham came a close second with 8 out of 10 marks - "Really thick chewy Ham, marbled with fat; has an intense deep flavour, not for the faint-hearted."

[An illustration from Paul Heiney's book]

Paul Heiney - Ham & Pigs

The documentary maker and former co-presentor of "Thats Life", Paul Heiney recorded his visit to Sandridge Farm in his book "Ham & Pigs - A Celebration of the Whole Hog", published by Excellent Press, London.

Exert from P.51 - "Roger Keen slid back the door of his chiller and I was confronted with a sight that was becoming all too familiar in my travels, but one that never failed to gladden my heart. It was the glorious spectacle of mahogany hams, glistening with salt, and slightly dulled by the mould of maturity, hanging patiently, drying and improving in flavour with every day that passed."