Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon

Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon ltd is an artisan curer of traditional Wiltshire Bacon and Hams.

Our bacon is cured at Sandridge Farm, a 350 acre family farm at Bromham in Wiltshire. Wiltshire has always been famous for bacon and at one time each town had its own bacon curer. When the last one in the county closed in 1980's, we were very concerned for the future of our piggery and started curing on the farm. From humble beginnings, selling to local butchers and markets, the business grew and flourished, we now supply independent butchers, farm shops and villages stores throughout Wessex, the Cotswolds and into the Home Counties. We have weathered many challenges over the last 30 years, not least Foot and Mouth Disease in the village, but the combined economic pressures of Brexit, Covid and spiraling fuel, feed and energy costs of 2022 saw the reluctant closure of the piggery. That year saw many small family-run pig farms like ours close.

[Some Lovely Bacon!]

Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon Ltd is an artisan bacon curer, using only the freshest pork for our bacon and sausages. We hand make our range of Wiltshire Cure and Golden Rind Smoked bacon. It takes three weeks to cure our bacons - 'time to mature' is such an important and expensive factor in our curing process that we wish it could be included in the list of ingredients. Our Golden Rind bacon is naturally smoked over oak and beech, adding a distinctive flavour and aroma, the essence of inglenook smoking.